Our Ethos 


When we started out in 2017 we could never have believed we would be where we are today.  Starting a campsite was our way of  following our dream, we loved the idea  of making a rural way of life work for us and our family, along side meeting new people and making their holidays a time to remember .


 Every year since we have welcomed guests to enjoy a little slice of our Cornish dream and have made many freinds along the way. we are truly thankful and encouraged to welcome new and returning guests as we continue building our dream with their support.  Our guests are choosing our farm and us to come and return to in order to relax and spend quality family time with loved ones.  All whilst having a well located base to explore the beautiful countryside and beaches Cornwall has to offer.

We try not to have rules, we just ask that you think about the following while staying on site.

All Visitors

  • Respect your neighbours,  we love to hear laughter and play in the fields but ask that you don’t play loud music at any time.  We encourage owners to bring their dogs if they wish(additional costs may apply)  but ask you help them settle if they are a bit nervous to begin with.

  • Silent Nights, keep your noise to a minimum after 11pm .  For the enjoyment of everyone on site we ask that all our guests keep noise to a minimum after this time this includes not using the bubble function on the hot tubs as they can be noisy, we do however recommend late nights round the fire whilst sharing stories in to the small hours or if you do have the use of one of our hot tubs we recommend using it as much as you can whilst enjoying the night sky – we are here to help everyone have a great stay and we want everyone to have a good night’s sleep!  No music is to be played after this time.

  • Drive slowly on site, there are children and adults playing, daydreaming, thinking about their tea and thus not always aware of cars on site. Stopping on gravel and grass is different to stopping on tarmac and you may well slide if you are going too fast, please slow down to 5mph and be aware of those around you.

  • Come and talk to us, we are here to help and want to ensure that your stay is as relaxing and wonderful as possible. If you have noisy neighbors or something has happened you feel we ought to know about then come and share, we are discreet when dealing with any issues on site.

  • Please ask  children not to play too close to other people’s pitches, there are wide open spaces on site and a whole farm to explore – a stray football bashing a tent or little cyclists dashing through encampments is to be discouraged.

  • Keep your dog on a lead on the site and make sure you pick up after them (and encourage your children to do the same if they are having an adventure with the dog!) We have a dedicated dog walking field where your dog can run freely, but do be mindful of surrounding  fields for livestock and keep your dog under control.


  • Groups are awesome and we have had the pleasure of welcoming all sorts of them to the campsite and glampsite, from groups of friends, to families, to entire wedding parties! We love hearing chatting around a fire at night or seeing enormous games of rounders happen on the Big Field.  But sometimes, when you are in a group, it can be easy to disconnect from the other campers on site and not realise that you are disrupting other people’s holidays (or sleep!) Please be mindful of this and help us maintain a balance ensuring everyone has a great holiday.

Antagonistic, rude or unfriendly behaviour on site


  • Very occasionally we’ll get a troublesome group or visitor, we will always try and guide people towards appropriate behavior and strive to create a harmonious atmosphere on site .  In our time we have never had to ask any visitors to leave early due to disruption but we reserve the right to do so and shorten your stay if you don’t want to listen to our concerns.  We understand that you are on holiday and want to help you have the best stay possible but our duty is to the campsite as a whole and we need to be firm and fair if there is any unwarranted disruption.

  • We reserve the right to refuse future bookings based on previous behaviour on site, rudeness to our staff or disregard for the community here at Primrose Farm.

  • We are dedicated to the enjoyment of your stay and will be ready to help if you are dissatisfied in any way, we ask that you work with us to resolve any issues – respect and understanding will be met with the same.

Thank you!